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Questions / Answers

Do you sell to private customers?

Essentially, our distribution network consists of specialized retailers but we sometimes sell to private customers as long as we do not have an official retailer in the area concerned.

We refuse any direct sales to Paris and the Paris area.

Are you all products made in France?

Definitely, all our parts are manufactured in our Picardy workshops.

How are the door handles manufactured?

Some door handles are manufactured from molten brass in steel molds, others are by sand or lost wax investment casting.

Once a part has been cast, it is deburred, machined and polished in our workshops.

What types of treatment do you use?

The chrome and nickel plating baths correspond to the applicable standards and are regularly monitored by the DRIRE authorities.

Our patinas are all handmade in Picardy and we apply a matte acrylic varnish to them.

Are you able to polish old objects made of brass or bronze?

Naturally, we frequently carry out restoration work on hardware and taps and fittings.

Can you duplicate an ancient door handle, for instance?

As long as the model is not registered, we can make identical reproductions of brass or cast bronze models.

Do you make parts of steel or other materials?

No we specialize in brass work, and occasionally we also work on bronze.

What other types of work can you handle?

We can fulfill requests for cutting and bending, varnishing, polishing or surface treatment.